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Happiness and The Pursuit

In Uncategorized on December 4, 2011 at 10:25 pm

There’s this crazy concept out there that people search for and some never find.  Some people don’t care about it and it never bothers them.  Certain nations of the world have their whole law systems formed around it.  It often gets too much press for what it’s actually worth.

Happiness is a word that we all understand.  We all understand that we’re supposed to want happiness because happiness is good and healthy and pleasurable.  To some it’s even spiritual, and there’s nothing wrong with a spiritual and holistic view of happiness.

But happiness isn’t the only noble pursuit out there.  Happiness isn’t the capper on a life.  It’s not the be-all-end-all of existence.  How could it be when so much of life is guaranteed to be without it?

Would you rather live a happy life or an interesting life?  Which do you put more value into?

Penelope trunk has an excellent expose on the whole topic of why being interesting is better than being happy.  You should read it.

Apparently happiness isn’t the right priority.  When your goal is happiness, happiness will never really be there.  All you’ll end up with is a word that hardly has any meaning.

I had a conversation with a friend a while ago.  She candidly told me that I create problems for myself when I have none, and I quickly agreed that she was right.  Whenever everything is perfectly balanced, I always seem to be able to find more problems for me to moan about and pain myself with.  Self sabotage?  Am I purposely avoiding the simple happiness that is already present in my life if I just let it come to me?


An interesting life is a life worth living, and I’m making sure that I have plenty of problems to exercise my mind, willpower, intelligence, and problem-solving skills over.  I’m not content with who I am right now, so I better not let myself become content from solving all of the problems in my life.  Contentment is not wholly connected to progress.

I’m doing it right now.  I’m wondering wether I’m being honest and true with this post.  I’m not writing it all stream-of-consciousness style, and part of me is afraid that since it’s not just magically flowing out of my fingertips, then it’s not worth being published.  And now I’m pretty sure I’m just writing this self-analyzing conclusion to add some genuine credibility to this post because the rest of it lacks any real research or authority.  At least I’m being honest with this paragraph, right?  If the rest of these words are full of insanity and self-aggrandizement, then at the very least I have one portion of this article that can stand out and be truthful.

And that is the truth.  I’m not happy with this article, but I’m going to post it anyway because that’s one way I know that I’ll improve myself.  Letting these words sit my drafts folder is absolutely boring and worth quite a bit less to me than it would be in public.  I’m going to make this day interesting and let you see this.

With all of the experiences I’ve had in life, I should have a clear grasp of what happiness could possibly mean to me, but I don’t. What I do know is that I can be a highly interesting person, and that makes me pretty happy.


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