Timothy Timothy

Lost Sleep and New Beginnings

In Uncategorized on July 27, 2011 at 6:28 am

With every night of lost sleep, I grow closer to truly believing in fatalist philosophy, and doom comes that much closer.

I’ll be sitting in this chair forever, writing things that matter mostly to me.  In my heart I wish good to come upon other people through what I write, but the doom can be overwhelming at times.

Fuck success.  Justice doesn’t exist for me, and this is a blog for me.  From this point on I’m being a greedy bastard with subconsciously good intentions.

I secretly beg you to read my words.  I squeeze truth out of my brain and honesty follows.  It’s a tainted honesty, but honesty will always be honesty.

Explanations are my despised brothers and sisters.  I’ve grown tired of such families.

My subconscious wants to help you, and lack of sleep renders me useless.  My eyes are tired.  Yours are too.  Tonight we have nothing to give.


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