Timothy Timothy

Hereditarily Kickass

In Uncategorized on April 24, 2011 at 6:04 am

I can do anything I want and amaze people with it.  It’s part of my genes.  I don’t know where it really comes from, and part of me believes it’s possible with anybody.

But I do know that it is indeed the way I’m built.  I can’t juggle, but give me a week and some dedication and I’ll prove that I can be a kick ass juggler.  It’s the way the story goes for me and my family.

I see it mostly in my younger brother too.  Another reason why I’m not just saying this to give myself a positive mental attitude about it and convince myself that I’m better than I am.  I see it in practice in him.  It’s in the blood.

And luckily that blood is my blood.  How lucky am I?  Damn lucky.

I used to be a lot more free with it when I was in high school.  I just picked up whatever I wanted and started kicking its ass right away.  Now that I’m in college and have to worry about being a responsible adult I’m more in my own way.  I’ve set up barriers of procrastination that keep me from focusing on anything important to me.  It’s really an addiction, and it sucks.

But being reminded of my awesome inheritance gives me some temporary relief.  It could even turn into something solid to build off of.  Only if I let it, though.

Only time will tell that one.  The blood is there and it rushes through my arms and legs and heart and guts.  It’s there.


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