Timothy Timothy


In Uncategorized on April 12, 2011 at 4:30 am


My faith in humanity has been restored yet again, and I see a small sliver of light.

There may be nobody to listen to me in the real world right now, but the internet is full of connections to amazing people who care enough to hear me out.

She doesn’t have ears for my words.  Neither does he.  Or that guy.  Or my professors.  But someone in the world does.  Ha, and I know they’re there for me to connect with.

I know they live beyond the line

that is defined by what isn’t mine.

The work they do is mighty fine.

High and low up the horizon

and down the pine.

The crime isn’t in losing yourself

but in setting a shelf

and sitting with arms crossed

feeling lost

and never finding your way home

to the people who can always be there

to fill up your lovely tomb.


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